The Sanitary Cold Chain
U.S. Shipper and Carrier Food Safety Management
FDA FSMA Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods

 Importing or Distributing Food?  

           Can you pinpoint when and where temperatures went out of limits?

           Can you assign liability for improper temperature management?

           Do you know which products to ship first because of shortened shelf life?

           Can you prove to your customers that you have imports under control?

Dump the old data logger and move into documenting activities 
in-transit using smart phone technology. 

Get the CID app!

1.  New smart phone app and temperature monitoring tag make in-transit temperature re cording quick, easy and low cost with no installation issues.

2.  Pre-cool, load, in-transit and unload temperature, date, time and location and other data are automatically sent to your private cloud database where full reports are available.

3.  Temperature monitoring tag and smart phone app are free.  You only pay the annual subscription service fee.

4.  NO more manual data logger downloads.  Eliminate the handling and lost man hours.

The Sanitary Cold Chain and Global Tracking Systems have developed the smart phone Food Transportation Manager (FTM) to meet the needs of perishable food importers and distributors who must assure their management and customers that safe food temperatures are established at pre-cool and maintained through long and short transportation processes.

Food Transportation Manager (FTM) System Process
* FTM subscription service is started
* Shippers or carriers load the Container Identification (CID) app into a smart phone.
* Free FTM Temperature monitoring tag replaces old data logger in the shipping container
* Critical product load data is entered into the smart phone app by the finger tip
* Loader configures the tag using the smart phone app (container ID number, upper and lower and temp limit and recording intervals
* FTM tag is started - all data entries are automatically time/date/GPS stamped to provide complete record keeping.
* Receiver logs into the cloud database and reviews all in-transit date/time/temp/load/maintenance data
* All shipper and temperature monitoring data are retained in the cloud subscription system where individual reports are available at the individual trailer or fleet levels
* Tags are returned to shipping point for reuse (up to 2 years on a single battery).  Tag replacement is free with the subscription service.

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