The Sanitary Cold Chain
TransCert Transportation Certification
Container Identification (CID)
TransCert FDA FSMA Food Safety & Quality Compliance for Food Transportation Operations

How to comply with FDA FSMA Food 

Transportation Rules record keeping requirements:

Our FSMA Transportation Manager Record Keeping System  is for you.

Container ID (CID)

FSMA Transportation Manager

The unique Sanitary Cold Chain FSMA Transportation Manager system helps you meet individual food carrying container and trailer record keeping requirements outlined in the FDA FSMA rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods.   Complete container (trailer/shipping container) compliance records are available to prove FDA FSMA rules compliance.  All data is tied to the trailer or container ID number.

You can use our low cost tags and your cell phone or a tablet to record and save the following food container and trailer shipment information:




Trailer/Container Sanitation Records

Wash Records

Chemical Use

Trailer/Container Inspection

Trailer/Container Test

Load and Unload Records


Reefer Repair

Container Repair

Shipment Contents

Mixed Loads

This information is a compliance records requirement.  All data is accessible by shippers, receivers and carriers in real time.  All data is stored in the cloud for record keeping purposes.  Management reports at the single container and fleet levels are available for your quality control, food safety and logistics personnel.  These reports are a requirement for proving that your company has valid preventive control plans, procedures and system implementation.  

A free downloadable APP is available for your cell phone or tablet.  Historical (cloud) data storage and reporting is available for $35/year per tag.  

More information is available by writing to  Please put "CID Info" in the subject line.  The system is available in early 2017.

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