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The Sanitary Cold Chain is searching for food safety partners around the world.  If your company is involved with food safety audits, training or consulting and you have contacts with food exporters and importers, we have a free training and certification program for you and your people.  We offer a generous income sharing program.  Please contact
International food transportation means that international sanitation, temperature control and traceability requirements are becoming harder and harder to meet and maintain.  If you are involved in importing food into the United States, you need to consider how you will avoid governmental (FDA) audits and fines for high risk cargoes.

The Food Safety Modernization Act rules for importing food into the United States have now been published.  Companies producing, processing and importing foods into the United States must meet the same standards and rules required for American producers and processors. 

TransCert Training & Certification is a MUST

Regardless of how food is moved or where it comes from, food importers must adhere to the same traceability and sanitation requirements enacted for American food carriers.  The use of intermodal food transportation is trending upward.  This means that trying to control sanitation, traceability and temperature requirements are getting more difficult.  Coupled with newly emerging liability requirements for supply chain carriers, the ability of the entire food supply chain to maintain adequate controls is becoming more and more difficult.

While traceability and sanitation are basic requirements, the newly enacted Food Safety Modernization Act requires complete supply chain visibility and control.  Governments and exporters outside of the United States are quick to understand and work towards meeting the U.S.'s legal import requirements. 

As an importer, you are required to assume responsibility for all previous food handlers in your supply chain - regardless of your position or levels of control.
Protect Your Business
Consider Referring Your Carrier Chain to TransCert

We will work with your trusted import and export partners to help them attain the sanitation, temperature controls and traceability levels required to protect your business.  Let us know how we can work with you to help get your carriers certified, clean and traceable.
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