The Sanitary Cold Chain
U.S. Shipper and Carrier Food Safety Management

TransCert Auditors
TransCert FSMA Food Safety & Quality Compliance for Food Transportation Operations
     Shippers must assure that equipment, handlers and carriers are in compliance with
                                            sanitary transportation rule requirements.

                         Farms, Food Distributors, Processors, Packers, Retail and Restaurant Operations

As your tier 1 customers begin to realize their responsibilities for the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods, they will require shippers to provide proof that they are in compliance with applicable laws.

In order for shippers to begin to understand the extent of the food safety issues during food movement processes, the Sanitary Cold Chain suggests that all management personnel read the research document available by clicking the document link below.  

This is a "must read" article for all members of the food supply chain.

TransCertTM Certified Auditors 

 Available to provide training, gap analysis and audits at your site:

Name                                                 E.mail                                                                   Region

United States

Bob Herr                                                        California, Pacific Northwest

Eric Szulczewski                                                         Illinois, North Central

Clinton Tolles                                                          Texas, Tennessee

Barry Parsons                                                              Pennsylvania
Giuseppe Mauro                                 New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Glenn Oster                                                         Florida

Latin America

Glenn Oster                                          Central and South America
Violeta Morales                                             Sto. Domingo - Dominican Republic
Johan Abab                                                            Sto. Domingo - Dominican Republic
Maria Rodriguez                                   Patagonia, Argentina
Dairo Estrada                                                      Bogota, Columbia
Enrique Garcia                                                         Mexico
Sergio Quero                                                                   Maracaibo, Venezuela

Lucas Cangiani                                                           Italy


Auditors now in Training
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