The Sanitary Cold Chain
U.S. Shipper and Carrier Food Safety Management
FDA FSMA Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods

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Everything You Need to Establish and Maintain
a Sanitary Cold Chain
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Free TransCert Documentation Packages 

New TransCert Records Maintenance manuals may now be requested for food carriers, grower-shippers, shippers, maintenance stations, and receivers.  Standards are included that meet new FDA FSMA Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods.  Each document package is designed to provide a basic record keeping strategy for small companies.

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TransCert Products and Services 

1.  Smart Phone in-transit temperature monitoring system - Food Transportation Manager (FTM)

The FTM uses a free downloaded app and a free temperature monitoring tag to collect and transmit date, time, GPS and temperature monitoring data to an individual trailer or shipping container cloud account.  The FTM is available on an annual subscription basis and is valuable to all carriers, shippers and receivers who must know if, when or where things went out of control so they can better manage their processes and pinpoint temperature violation liability.  The FTM also helps companies to know which product to ship first because of lost shelf life (elevated temperatures) and provide proof to customers that imported and distributed foods have been transported under tight temperature controls.  The FTM replaces outdated data loggers with new low cost cell phone app technology and eliminates manual data transfers, copies and other expensive and often inaccurate data capture strategies.

2.  In-Transit sanitation, load ,unload and maintenance documentation - Container Id (CID) System

2.  TransCert's in-transit documentation system:  The TransCert Container ID (CID)

CID may be run independently or coupled with the FTM is the TransCert Container ID (CID) in-transit smart phone app.  CID allows drivers and others to quickly and easily enter load, unload, sanitation and reefer/trailer failure data into a cloud account to meet customer or FDA documentation compliance requirements.  The CID ties all data to the individual trailer or shipping container and the CID system is available as an annual subscription service.  The CID system allows for finger tip entry of pre-cool, previous load, sales order, security, driver load acceptance, full or partial load, sanitation (details) and many other variables of interest to concerned shippers and receivers.

3.  FTM and CID reporting systems (FREE with TFM and CID subscriptions)

Full data analysis and individual trailer or container reports are free with each subscription.  For companies with large fleets, reporting is free for both individual or fleet analysis and reports. Both CID and FTM reporting systems were designed to allow logistics personnel to identify and manage processes, people and procedures on an as needed basis. 

The FTM and CID smart phone in-transit record keeping systems may be purchased one at a time to accommodate owner operators or in large order quantities at a reduced price.  Pricing information is available by copying and pasting this link into your browser:



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